Dr. Jacques-Édouard Pinard

’Primum non nocere’

The well-being of the patient comes first. This principle of Hippocrates, which has always guided my actions, has earned me the trust and loyalty of my clientele for nearly 42 years.

The ''Signature dentaire'' group, by its philosophy and approach, offers me the ideal framework to pursue and achieve this noble objective.

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Let your patients benefit from a stress-free procedure without the discomfort of sedation!
Your anxious, phobic or gag reflex patients will be treated in a safe manner, with high technology equipment.

Dr. Nathalie Criton, ACLS
certified dentist in intravenous conscious sedation

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Financing dental implants and dental care


Financial aid for dental implants and/or any other dental treatment

In order to finance the cost of your dental treatments, Clinique Signature dentaire Montréal-Rosemont can offer you different financing options, regardless if it is for dental implants or any other dental cares.

Payment Options

You can pay for your treatments in cash, debit cards, certified cheques or with a credit card. (Visa or MasterCard).


Some dental treatments may be covered by your insurance company. For this, bring your insurance information with you. We will happily fill out and estimate or a refund application.

Dentoplan Financing 

It is possible to request financing through the Dentoplan program from the Banque Nationale.

To obtain this financing, you do not need to visit various establishments. Everything is done at our practice. To get more information about the cost and financing options for dental implants and other dental cares such as implantology treatments, implant-supported prosthesis, general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry, please contact us.



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Financing and cost Dental Implants

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