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Dr. Nora Lahmadi

As the most recent addition to our team of professionals, we are pleased to introduce Dr Nora Lahmadi. This highly motivated and cheerful dentist will be graduating from the Université Dentaire de Nancy in France in 2019. After four years of practice in France, our humble Dr. Lahmadi arrives in Montreal and joins Dr. Criton with the goal of growing the Signature Dentaire Montréal-Rosemont clinic. Dr. Nora's approach is gentle and non-judgmental. She values open communication with her patients and makes sure they understand the treatments they are considering. She considers the practice of dentistry to be teamwork with her patients, and it is essential for Dr Lahmadi that patients feel considered and involved in the progress of the treatments they receive.

We invite you to come and meet this pleasant dentist who will make your goals her own!

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Let your patients benefit from a stress-free procedure without the discomfort of sedation!
Your anxious, phobic or gag reflex patients will be treated in a safe manner, with high technology equipment.

Dr. Nathalie Criton, ACLS
certified dentist in intravenous conscious sedation

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